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NEOREAL WONDER   The world of Canon digital imaging

April 12 (Tuesday)—17 (Sunday), 2011

Superstudio Più ART POINT

“NEOREAL WONDER” created a world of digital imaging where airiness and revolution coexist. Those who visited the exhibition awake to the possibilities of vision, they were astonished, they felt the dynamism of life, and pursued this expression in which a new relationship was created between people and image.

Client: CANON INC.

Producer: Toshiki KIRIYAMA (TRUNK LTD.)

Exhibition Supervisor: Hikaru MORI (ZITOMORI)

Participating Designers: Torafu ARCHITECTS, WOW

Exhibition Space Design: Torafu ARCHITECTS

Art Direction & Graphic Design: Hideyuki YAMANO (TAKAIYAMA inc.)

                                                Ai KIMURA

Project Coordination: Miyako NISHINAKAGAWA (TRUNK LTD.)

                                 Yuko KIYOTAKE (TRUNK LTD.)

Art works


3-dimensional screens (W22×D15.3×H5.5m) called ‘luminous flux screens’, positioned in the main space, on to which images are projected.

The space allows viewers to undergo a whole new visual experience, in which light and images appear to blend into the space completely.


“Circle of light” by WOW

A visual installation created for the main space.

By taking sights which can’t usually be seen at the same time, such as the change that light undergoes over the course of a single day, from sunrise to sunset, and focusing on the way light alters its appearance from moment to moment throughout the course of a year, this creation is an attempt to express those sights as a single view, in a single space.


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